Standard Game Rules; What You Need To Know


Many aspects involved in games have been regularized. Some rules and regulations also have been changed and modified with the time due to various reasons like safety concerns and also to improve the quality of the game. To play a certain game players must know the rules of the game thoroughly. Simply they must know what they should do and what they shouldn’t do. Automatically it will increase the quality of the game and will win the attraction of their fans. At the same time players have to be updated themselves with the newest rules when they opt to participate games in international level. Here are some things you need to know about game rules.
International game committees
In most games the body who decides rules or change the rules will be the international game committee. When it comes to cricket International Cricket Council (ICC) will be the authorized body to change,introduce or remove any rule. In Rugby World Rugby Union is the authorised body to regularise the game. Those committees have the responsibility to make the game standardized internationally. Two years back England cricket batsman wad hit by a bouncer ball and unfortunately he passed away. The threat of bouncer ball bas identified by even before such incident and limited it as one bouncer ball per over. But it was not sufficient to give necessary protection for skippers and we lost a very talented player. After this unfortunate event cricket council the cricket council came into a decision to change the structure of the helmet. This manifests the role played by the international game committees in setting the rules. Uniforms are also being looked at and a part for the games regulations; you can visit this site for custom sports apparel. 
Peculiar rules
While there are very general and common rules such as fair play, there are also peculiar rules in games which depend on considerations such as whether it is an individual game or a group game, game played by women or men, according to age or wight categories, etc. When it comes to individual games the costume of the players is given less importance while in group games costumes of the players become very important. For instance if we take custom netball kits in Melbourne, the players name, team name, players number or position, team colors are marked in their costume. Rules for men and women also differ in certain games. The ways you can have your hair, wearing jewellery or other unnecessary ornaments are restricted in many games for women. There are games for disabled players as well and rules for them also differ to accommodate their needs and ensure fair play at the same time.
Disciplinary actions
Rules cannot cover each and every situations that could arise in games and the rules have given certain discretionary powers to the responsible personnel such as umpires and referees to handle a given situation. Most disciplinary actions which are decided depending on a given game situation to be decided by the referees or umpires. Disciplinary actions can be taken by using the powers vested on umpires and referees. In rugby giving yellow cards or red cards is doe by the referees on the spot they notice unfair or unjustifiable actions of the players.