How To Gain Weight In A Healthy Way

If you are on the lower side of the scale, or recently underwent a surgery which drained your weight more than it should, then it is time to start gaining weight again. But although most people would say that eating oily foods or foods with high protein content is healthy, do know that unless properly regulated these foods will end up killing you. It does not really matter if you are thin; you are still susceptible for diabetics and heart attacks. So here are the best remedies for you to get your weight onto a healthy side from your home itself.
Peanut butter
Unless you are allergic to it, peanut butter is loved by everyone. It is full of nutritious ingredients and therefore will give you the required healthy oils. You can spread peanut butter on toast, put some on slices of fruit and take to school or work as a snack. If not, you can make into a smoothie along with your lean muscle protein shake and drink it after your workout. The combination of fiber and protein makes you feel as if you are consuming a full meal. Peanuts are also full of antioxidants, vitamin E, Magnesium and vitamin B6 which boost your immune system. Also, its ability to decrease the health risks of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases has made peanut butter into a healthy favorite.
Bananas and milk
This combination can be easily made into healthy smoothie by mixing it with your lean whey protein. Bananas have vitamin A, calcium, protein, potassium, fiber and sugars and it also works on your digestive system to make it healthier. There are also antioxidants in the bananas that will give you healthy skin without much issue. Bananas will make you gain weight due to the high carbohydrates, potassium and calorie count. Eat a banana with a glass of milk on a daily basis and add a bit of sugar or honey into the milk.
Peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, figs and raisins and such are renowned as great weight gainers. They are also great for the general makeup of your body but eating too much will make you gain weight due to the oils in these types of foods. Nuts have a high content of minerals, fats, essential oils, fibers, vitamins which makes your body put on weight easily.
Potatoes, sweet drinks and meats are some of the foods that make you gain weight easily. But if you are eating a lot of food that makes you gain weight unexpectedly fast, then you need to work out to counterbalance this intake of food as well. Otherwise, your body will not be able to handle the intake of the ingredients and your joints will have to pay the price.